Agro-Input Sales

Smallholder farmers, who account for 90% of all the agriculture in Uganda experience low productivity and thus low incomes because they lack sufficient access to genuine agro-inputs such as improved seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Akorion is enabling these farmers to boost their productivity and therefore their incomes by providing, up to the last mile, genuine, high-quality agro-inputs to farmers such as improved seed, crop-specific fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides.

These agro-inputs are bundled with extension and advisory services, provided by our trained village agents, to ensure that farmers correctly utilize these agro-inputs and maximize their efficacy.

Online ordering of genuine agro-inputs.

Customized agro-inputs recommendations based on crop, land size and soil composition.

Pay with mobile money at your convenience.

Delivery up to your doorstep.

Up-to-date farming guidance by professional agronomists.

Customer interaction with our agronomists & village agents.

How We Provide Agro-Inputs

“Those farmers that got their soils tested are very happy because they have improved their yields after knowing what their soil lacks and what to add.”

“From what my fellow farmers have seen, they have really liked Akorion. They are even asking me where to find their offices.”

“We had a challenge of accessing inputs but now Akorion has brought us genuine inputs in our village.”

ÔÇťAkorion has helped me to access genuine inputs and has linked me to trusted traders who can take my produce at a good price. My yields increased by 60% when I was advised by Akorion to test my soil and apply the right fertilizers. Let Akorion continue helping us Ugandans.”