Digital Profiling: Know Your Farmers

Smallholder farmers find it difficult to access agricultural services such as credit, agro-insurance, agro-inputs and market access because they lack visibility and traceability in the agricultural value chain. This lack of farmer visibility and traceability also makes it difficult for agribusinesses to work with smallholder farmers.

We periodically collect bio-data, production data and geo-map farmers gardens, and analyze this data to create a production profile which enables farmers to make data-driven decisions about their farming-as-a-business such as which quantities of inputs to use and at what price to sell to make a profit.

Agribusinesses also utilize this information to make decisions about how best to serve their farmers, track performance of individual farmers, and meet traceability and fair-trade requirements for export markets.

Farmer Production Profiles.

Outgrower Scheme Management.

Traceability & Food Safety Compliance.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence.

Farmer Association Management.

How Digital Profiling Works

“Those farmers that got their soils tested are very happy because they have improved their yields after knowing what their soil lacks and what to add.”

“From what my fellow farmers have seen, they have really liked Akorion. They are even asking me where to find their offices.”

“We had a challenge of accessing inputs but now Akorion has brought us genuine inputs in our village.”

ÔÇťAkorion has helped me to access genuine inputs and has linked me to trusted traders who can take my produce at a good price. My yields increased by 60% when I was advised by Akorion to test my soil and apply the right fertilizers. Let Akorion continue helping us Ugandans.”