Crop Insurance Linkages

Several calamities ranging from drought and floods to pests and diseases often destroy entire farms leaving, especially, smallholder farmers with no recourse. With their investment lost and saddled with production loans, smallholder farmers are often unable to progress in their farming when such calamities strike.

But not all hope is lost, the Uganda Agricultual Insurance Scheme offers a ray light to smallholder farmers. The Ugandan government, in partnership with insurance companies, is now offering a 50% subsidy on agricultural insurance premiums. However, for smallholder farmers to benefit from this scheme, they need to be visible and traceable to the insurance companies; and that is where Akorion steps in to create linkages between smallholder farmers and insurance providers.

By digitally profiling smallholder farmers, we collect and analyze the bio-data, production data and geo-data that insurance companies require to assess premiums and utilize when settling claims.

In a single stroke, we are able to solve pertinent information challenges of both smallholder farmers and insurance providers.

Protection from multiple calamities.

Smallholder farmer traceability & visibility.

Information for premium assessment.

Information for claims settlement.

Bridged gap between smallholder farmers and insurance providers.

How We Enable Farmers To Access Crop Insurance

“Those farmers that got their soils tested are very happy because they have improved their yields after knowing what their soil lacks and what to add.”

“From what my fellow farmers have seen, they have really liked Akorion. They are even asking me where to find their offices.”

“We had a challenge of accessing inputs but now Akorion has brought us genuine inputs in our village.”

ÔÇťAkorion has helped me to access genuine inputs and has linked me to trusted traders who can take my produce at a good price. My yields increased by 60% when I was advised by Akorion to test my soil and apply the right fertilizers. Let Akorion continue helping us Ugandans.”