We partner with brands to deliver world class digital experiences with the EzyAgric App.

Features on EzyAgric App

Digital Farmer Profiling

Digitise your bio and production data anytime and get accurate GPS mapping of your garden

Garden Mapping

Map and get accurate garden acreage instantly

Better Extension

Diagnose diseases promptly on your farm, Watch agronomic videos and Interact with our experienced Agronomists


Order for soil testing, Buy genuine Inputs and Get Agriculture Insurance conveniently on the App

Market Linkages

Access reliable markets. Sell and Buy your produce at competitive prices

Digital Records

Track your Income and Expenditure for informed decision making on the App and get real time seasonal performance analysis

  • Farmers
  • Suppliers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Offtakers
  • Donors and Governments

Farmers and Farmer Groups

  1. Predict demand and supply from the farmers easily and access better and competitive market.
  2. Make Informed decision in production and marketing through seasonal Profit & Loss – Income and Expenses analysis
  3. Ensure Traceability of all the member’s activities from farmers, service providers (village agents) and association staff.


  1. Predict demand and supply efficiently on the App and reduce losses due to poor planning
  2. Keep informed about market dynamics and conditions in Agriculture

Financial institution

  1. Enjoy reduced costs of credit assessment and loan appraisal plus monitoring
  2. Easily access credible clients through EzyAgric
  3. Easily monitor and trace farmers for better perfomance and decision making


  1. Get aggregated supply from the comfort of your office. Receive the right quality and quantity of produce from farmers.
  2. Make informed decision in sourcing for produce and investment in the outgrower schemes and inventory management.

Donors and Governments

  1. Make informed decision in planning, strategy building and implementation of initiatives through accurate statistics of the agricultural activities in specific areas.
  2. Access real time reports and analysis of trends in Agriculture and ICT in Agriculture
  3. Easily monitor and Trace beneficiaries.