Our Story

In September 2014, at the “Youth and Agriculture: Exploiting Opportunities – Go for Gold” event organized by USAID through its Feed the Future activities, a group of youth technologists brainstormed a couple of ideas about improving Uganda’s agricultural sector with ICT and other digital technologies such as mobile money.
The result of that discussion came to be known as Akorion, an agtech company digitizing agricultural value chains to enable smallholder farmers to access high-quality production and marketing services.

Further discussions were had to zero down on the idea of ICT for agriculture and refine it into what is now known as e-VAMĀ (Electronic Village Agent Model). e-VAM is a service delivery model in which community-based service providers are equipped with smartphones and trained to collect data which is analyzed and utilized to provide data-driven services such as; agro-inputs, credit linkages, extension and advisory, crop insurance linkages and market linkages.

A couple of months after that eventful day, Akorion Co Ltd was incorporated to provide a corporate, for-profit entity within which these nascent ideas could be executed.

As of today, Akorion serves 60,000 farmers through a network of 480 village agents and 100 farmer associations.


Our Vision

An agricultural market ecosystem that works for farmers and those who serve them.

Our Mission

To provide technology based solutions that connect every actor in the agricultural market with what they need to succeed.

Our Values

Speed & Efficiency

Our Partners

Feed The Future Uganda
Savannah Commodities
World Food Programme Uganda
Yunus Social Business Accelerator
Chemonics International
Grainpulse Fertilizer Ltd