Digital Profiling

Smallholder farmers find it difficult to access agricultural services such as credit, agro-insurance, agro-inputs and market access because they lack visibility and traceability in the agricultural value chain. This lack of farmer visibility and traceability also makes it difficult for agribusinesses to work with smallholder farmers.

We periodically collect bio-data, production data and geo-map farmers gardens, and analyze this data to create a production profile which enables farmers to make data-driven decisions about their farming-as-a-business such as which quantities of inputs to use and at what price to sell to make a profit.

Agribusinesses also utilize this information to make decisions about how best to serve their farmers, track performance of individual farmers, and meet traceability and fair-trade requirements for export markets.

Agro-Input Sales

Smallholder farmers, who account for 90% of all the agriculture in Uganda experience low productivity and thus low incomes because they lack sufficient access to genuine agro-inputs such as improved seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Akorion is enabling these farmers to boost their productivity and therefore their incomes by providing, up to the last mile, genuine, high-quality agro-inputs to farmers such as improved seed, crop-specific fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides.

These agro-inputs are bundled with extension and advisory services, provided by our trained village agents, to ensure that farmers correctly utilize these agro-inputs and maximize their efficacy.

Market Linkages

Smallholder farmers produce 90% of the food in Uganda yet they earn the least money from agriculture because they lack sufficient market information and access to consistent, well-paying markets.

We train farmers on proper post-harvest handling and provide storage equipment to ensure quality produce and minimize post-harvest losses. We then aggregate and connect farmers to our network of agro-produce buyers and exporters, and facilitate the transactions and logistics between producers and offtakers.

This ensures that farmers get good prices for their produce and offtakers get the right quality and quantity of produce to meet their market targets.

ICT For Agriculture

Who We Are

Akorion is an agtech company that integrates ICT in the delivery of production and marketing services to farmers, and value chain digitization to agribusinesses that work with farmers.

Through our value chain digitization platform, EzyAgric, and our network of community-based agricultural service providers, village agents, we bridge the information and service delivery gap between farmers and agribusinesses.

We envision an agricultural market ecosystem that works for farmers and those who serve them.

To that end, we continually develop cutting edge technology-based solutions that connect various players in the agricultural value chain to what they need to succeed.

EzyAgric: Our Flagship Software Suite


Farmer Production Profiles.

Outgrower Scheme Management.

Traceability & Food Safety Compliance.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence.

Farmer Association Management.


Online ordering of genuine agro-inputs.

Pay with mobile money at your convenience.

Delivery up to your doorstep.

Up-to-date farming guidance by professional agronomists.

Customer interaction with our agronomists & village agents.

Offline access.

EzyMarketPlace (Coming Soon)

Our Impact


Farmers Served


Youth Jobs Created


Farmers Profiled


Silos Distributed

Awards & Recognition

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“Those farmers that got their soils tested are very happy because they have improved their yields after knowing what their soil lacks and what to add.”

“From what my fellow farmers have seen, they have really liked Akorion. They are even asking me where to find their offices.”

“We had a challenge of accessing inputs but now Akorion has brought us genuine inputs in our village.”

“Akorion has helped me to access genuine inputs and has linked me to trusted traders who can take my produce at a good price. My yields increased by 60% when I was advised by Akorion to test my soil and apply the right fertilizers. Let Akorion continue helping us Ugandans.”